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Thank you for joining us today at The View Point, Inc., where you will find topics of interest, valuable training and coaching, hot topics of the season, lessons for leadership and personnel development and ways to unleash the power in you and dare to dream!

It often seems that our days are engulfed in a myriad of activities, tasks, things to do, things to catch up on that we don't take time to focus on our goals and build our dreams. We realize that you may have a laundry list of responsibilities and many roles to fulfill, such as spouse, parent, sibling, child, friend, and career worker. You may find that you lose yourself in your relationships, in your nurturing roles, and in the busyness of life...and sometimes it may seem like your dreams are so far you cannot imagine how to get there. 

Learning time management using easy powerful tools may help you overcome procrastination and discover your passion. Join us here where we bring you real life experiences, success stories, tools to help you create greater self-confidence, empowerment, success and happiness . Join one of our coaching programs to bring out the best in you!

TVPI takes business ownership and women’s empowerment for the next generation to the another level.

TVPI gives you tools to build your success and live your dream!

Welcome to The View Point, Inc.

Dr. Michelle Stevens and Dr. Ludmilla Wikkeling-Scott